We make it easy for all business sizes

Even if you are a small business of 5 people or large workforce of 15,000 people, Rymnet will ease your daily worries of employee management with no technology advancement cost.


An inclusive picture of HR

A unified system for core HR administration and talent management. Creates a consistent visibility to make decisions based on real-time data.


Smart and mobile workforce.

 Gets your workforce to complete HR tasks from anywhere, anytime on their preferred device.


Always present.

  Automated updates of new enhancements and features will be plugged in our client’s

 HCM Cloud. Eliminates HR software redundancy.



   Make confident business decisions with contextualised & real-time insights.


Modular seamless integrated functionality.

 Subscribe to the functionality that you require today. Add others when needed.


Complex workflow building.

Build HR and other business workflow actions with configurable business rules.


Comply with legislatives.

HCM Cloud presents the capability to change and align your organisation hierarchy, leave policy and other HR policies with legislatives specific to any country you operate.


Scalabilty and Security with Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure.

Enhance security, stability and scalability of your HR & business data with HCM Cloud powered by Microsoft Azure Cloud Infrastructure.